If you are looking for some credible businesses or interesting information, check out the links below.

Form Attainment Studio is owned by my husband, Jake Wells. Jake is a professional cyclist and provides by appointment only Personal Training, Bike Fitting using the ReTul dynamic motion capture system and Endurance Coaching. Jake is passionate about helping people achieve their movement goals through proper alignment and greater strength.

I am a member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners. If you are traveling on vacation or need a good therapist near your home, this is a good place to find an experienced therapist in a specific city. Use the Search function on the left hand side of the page. is the place to go to find out detailed information on CranioSacral Therapy. This is where I received my training. And, another good resource to find therapists in your area.

One other resource to use when you are traveling, Again, you can type in a zip code and find qualified therapists in your area.

Are you or someone you know taking ADD/ADHD medication? Here is an article talking to the increase in drug overdoses related to these medications.

Massage Today is an online magazine for therapists as well as people looking for credible information on massage therapy and craniosacral therapy. There is a great search function so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

My favorite acupuncturist, Kellie Krasovec. Kellie is a wealth of knowledge. She treats all kinds of bodily ailments from colds and flu to infertility and general wellness. Visit her site at

Here’s a 5 minute video about meditation for busy people. It speaks to taking a quick break from the chatter and learning to focus on the vast calmness within.