Intuitive and Effective

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I have had all types of massage with many different practitioners. When I was introduced to Linda, she took the time to ask me pertinent questions to explore what I needed and we made the decision together. Every service has been exactly what I needed. Her incredible intuition and hands on ability to feel and execute the work required is extraordinary. I’ve specifically been doing cranial sacral and lymphatic services with her. I come in having a host of symptoms including headaches, neck pain, and CNS issues among others. During the massage I can feel the sensations of healing happening.  I walk out feeling calm, balanced, symptomless and energized at the same time. In all my massage experience, I’ve never had someone who aligned with my body and emotions so perfectly to know where and what to do. You will be doing your body a huge favor as you work with Linda to discover your balance. She’s empathetic and professional!

B, Avon, CO

Migraines Gone!

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Hi Linda, I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you have done with my migraines.  As you know, I have been dealing with them for 26 years before seeing you.  I have tried acupuncture, several chiropractors, many western doctors, all food diets, different exercise regimes, lifestyle changes, THC, CBD and any other remotely possible relief.  I was getting migraines weekly for 26 years before I saw you and after two sessions of CranioSacral therapy, I have not had a single migraine in over a year!  I am no longer afraid of having a migraine ruining my day, week, job or life.  THANK YOU!


JL/Avon CO

Migraine Relief

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I felt the difference before I left Linda’s office and knew that I was a different person. Linda is so gentle and patient and her work is life changing. To have clarity is something I didn’t realize was missing.

-AL, Boulder, CO

CST for Newborns

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When I had my first daughter 21/2 years ago I noticed that when she
was sleeping or I put her in her car seat her head was always turned
to the right. Then I noticed tha she never turned her head to the
right. Eventually I noticed that when I would breastfeed she nursed
really well from my left side, but not my right. So I googled it. I
found on that craniosacral therapy can help with
breastfeeding. So I took her to see Linda when she was almost 2 months
old and it was amazing. First Linda basically showed me by applying
pressure to my head what she was doing to my baby. It was the lightest
touch. During the treatment I could see my daughter squirm and make
noises. Then she would just relax when the tension or whatever was
released. I immediately noticed the difference when I nursed her. She
no longer preferred one side to the other and when she slept she would
turn her head to both the left and right. The CST made such a big
difference with her eating habits and ability to gain weight because
she was able to nurse from both side. The treatment was short so Linda
said to come back for another treatment free of charge when I had
time, but I never did because the first one worked so well regardless
of the length of time.
The next time I went to Linda was to get a massage. I should probably
go in one day for just a regular massage because she does such a good
job, but so far I’ve only gone to see her when I have a problem ha ha
ha. I went to get a massage because I was so big and pregnant and my
back hurt so bad that sometimes at night I would literally crawl
upstairs on my hands and knees. The massage really helped. She really
concentrated on the parts of my back and hip that were giving me
The third time I went to see Linda was for my second daughter. When
she was born, she got stuck in my pelvis and the doctor had to use
forceps to help get her out. She was also born face up instead of face
down. So her face was squished. I emailed Linda while I was in the
hospital because I needed her to see my baby. Her tear ducts were
clogged and she would breath mainly through her mouth. It was a
traumatic birth. So a week later Linda saw her. She did some Lymphatic
massage. She is no longer getting gunk in her eyes from clogged tear
ducts and breaths equally out of her nose and mouth. And I think she
is making better eye contact. I’m going to bring her back when the
swelling on her head goes down for CST. I can’t wait. I just think she
will be a happier baby. When I googled craniosacral therapy and
newborns I found some great site with lots of information for the
benefits of the therapy and newborns. Totally worth reading!

Edwards, CO

Headache Relief with Past Tense

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I woke up with the start of a headache – have not had one in over 2 weeks!!  So I rolled on my fab PastTense and….gone.  Then….I put Wild Orange in my diffuser and my world is soooo much better. Thank you for the amazing essential oils! -PG

Essential Oils for Headaches, Digestion and Stress Relief

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Hi, Linda – I want to, again, thank you for my superb Wellness Visits with you the past 6 months.  I want to tell you of my experiences using the Essential Oils you suggested for my headaches – digestive issues – and the pure bliss of just relaxing.
  • PastTense – I can hardly believe the change to my headaches – I have used the PastTense regularly when I would wake up with a headache – over the months, my daily headaches have steadily decreased and I now go several days without a headache.  It is so reassuring that I can wake up in the morning knowing PastTense is right there!
  • DigestZen – I am so grateful to have this Essential Oil to use for my digestive issue – the stress and bloating is greatly reduced.
  • Balance – My Go-To before bedtime for pure relaxing.
  • Immortelle – You had suggested I try this Essential Oil for my face – I was seeing deeper lines on my upper lip – I noticed a real difference after about three weeks – my face has a more even tone and I am so pleased that I cannot imagine my daily moisturizing routine without Immortelle.
I look forward to my Wellness Visits with you every time I return to the Vail Valley.
My thanks for your great care.
P.G. Tucson, AZ


Pain and Tingling GONE

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Hi Linda!

I gotta tell you that the weird pain and tingling sensation in my left shoulder is pretty much GONE. It had gotten so bad, I was feeling it 80-90% of the time. Thanks!

KS, Vail, CO

Body Feels Great!

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Hey Linda!! You did it again…my body feels great today! Thank you!

MW, Avon, CO

Best Night Sleep

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Good morning Linda! I wanted to let you know I had the best rest last night. Thank you!

ZD, Edwards, CO

Nocturnal Enuresis

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After many years, several doctors (including specialists in Denver), alarms, prescriptions drugs,
pull ups, saddle sheets on beds, restricting fluids in the evening, no sugary drinks, and a $2500 program
with a proven success rate I felt I had failed my child.  How could a 13 year old still be a bed wetter?

Enter, Linda Wells!

With a frustrated mother and a teenager willing to do anything we began cranial sacral therapy and
after the first treatment were fortunate enough to have results!  Linda’s expertise in her practice and her
simple compassion as a healer made this embarrassing problem comfortable and successful! In less than
1 month and only a handful of visits my 13 year old gets to have a “normal” life!  Sleepovers are no
longer stressful and independent travel is on my child’s horizon this summer.  Thank you Linda!!