Essential Oils for Headaches, Digestion and Stress Relief

February 5th, 2014 | Posted by admin in
Hi, Linda – I want to, again, thank you for my superb Wellness Visits with you the past 6 months.  I want to tell you of my experiences using the Essential Oils you suggested for my headaches – digestive issues – and the pure bliss of just relaxing.
  • PastTense – I can hardly believe the change to my headaches – I have used the PastTense regularly when I would wake up with a headache – over the months, my daily headaches have steadily decreased and I now go several days without a headache.  It is so reassuring that I can wake up in the morning knowing PastTense is right there!
  • DigestZen – I am so grateful to have this Essential Oil to use for my digestive issue – the stress and bloating is greatly reduced.
  • Balance – My Go-To before bedtime for pure relaxing.
  • Immortelle – You had suggested I try this Essential Oil for my face – I was seeing deeper lines on my upper lip – I noticed a real difference after about three weeks – my face has a more even tone and I am so pleased that I cannot imagine my daily moisturizing routine without Immortelle.
I look forward to my Wellness Visits with you every time I return to the Vail Valley.
My thanks for your great care.
P.G. Tucson, AZ


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