Essential Oil Application


I have a variety of therapeutic quality essential oils from doTERRA on hand to incorporate into any treatment, when appropriate.

Essential oils act on the body in different ways, depending on how they are absorbed. Topically they affect muscles, skin and fluid systems. Inhalation can affect the limbic system as well as neuroendocrine functions. Therefore, essential oils may support muscular injury/healing, circulation, emotion, motivation, long term memory, energy levels, hormonal balance and more. They can be a valuable addition to any treatment if used appropriately.

Quality of oil is essential, pardon the pun! Integrity of agriculture and extraction of the oil are of upmost importance. The oils I use primarily in my office are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Many oils on the market today are labeled “therapeutic” but may have been subjected to indiscriminate harvesting practices, meaning the end result may have other plants and/or weeds mixed in to the final product. Additionally, “therapeutic” does not guarantee they are free from fertilizers and pesticides. If they are contaminated, the result is a less than pure product that is less effective. The essential oils used at Shine Bodywork Studio are certified to be free from weeds, fertilizers, pesticides and any solvents used in the distillation process.

Because of this, I have seen exponential results when using my body work techniques together with doTerra essential oils.